Strathaven Puppies

If you wish to go on our waiting list please send us a message to let us know.  Please leave your phone number as well as your email.


What we breed towards

Our Strathaven puppies are part of our family we love each and every one of them, so we like to make sure that they go to a loving home where they will be treated as one of the family.

Our endeavour is to preserve the wonderful collie nature that loves children and family of all ages, and combine it with soundness and beauty.

Ordering a Puppy

The Collie Nature

The collie nature is something so special all they ask for is to be near you.  They hate to do anything  you don't like, as their aim is to please you, but they will make mistakes as they are learning.  You don't need to smack a collie, as when you say NO in a strong voice they know they have done wrong.

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