The love between a collie and a child is really something great to behold

“Our endeavour is to preserve the wonderful collie nature that loves children,and family of all ages, and combine it with soundness and beauty.”


A true collie nature that can run and jump with older children and yet collect a ball for a toddler who can only throw it 2 feet….can tug a war with the best and yet so gently that a toddler can safely play tug of war as well.


 A companion that can keep you young by playing as much as you want, and yet just as happy to sit at your feet (or on your lap) whichever you decide. The only great demands that a Collie has is to be with you.


 I have always bred with this in mind when choosing my breeding stock, because first and foremost a Collie is a Companion Dog…they are also a working breed, so I also look for soundness, good conformation and movement.

Sandra Wallace